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The lyrics to this piece were inspired by (and at least try to tell about) an actual dream I had in October 2011. The dream was powerful, and the things I saw in the dream were powerful. I saw my mother disappearing in my dream, and I went to find her, much to the disdain of the rest of my family. Most notable was the person I saw at the door at the end of the dream — I saw Jesus, with a pan of water for blessing, and he performed the asperges, or the sprinkling, on me. The minute the water splashed on my face, I woke up with a jolt. It made me think about my direction in life, what I was being called to, and it still makes me think.

This is one of my most cherished songs for the sheer significance of the dream that inspired it.


I'm walking in the dark and I'm not alone
The people who love me are with me
And I walk ahead in the silence, uncertain, unsure
And I look around me, I don't need to fear
I'm safe in their arms, I'm kept under their eyes
I turn to look into their eyes---

O please walk beside me
Slowly, slowly
Take me by the hand
And lead me safely home

I'm walking in the dark and I'm not alone
I know there's a long way before I go home
And suddenly, I see--
A loved one is gone
I search and I search and I never can find her
So I go further, slip away into the silence
Just hoping I'd see her again----


Asperges me, Domine!
Ignis divine, miserere me!

So please walk beside me
Slowly, slowly
Come into my heart
And lead me safely home...

It's the end of the road and time to decide
I don't know if I should turn back or go away
And suddenly, I see--
A light from the door
I see you standing by and you sprinkle me clean
O please, lead me home


from Terre des Hommes Libres ~ The Single, released February 13, 2013



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Troisnyx England, UK

"Hey everyone, Troisnyx here!"

Singer-songwriter and video game soundtrack scorer. Troisnyx would like the music to take you to the depths of the human soul. Come, listen and fly away.

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