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Taking Luvbi from the Overthere Shrine

from by Troisnyx

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This cover was prompted by Episode 50 of Chuggaaconroy's LP of Super Paper Mario, and in it, he brought our attention to the Overthere Shrine theme, saying that this theme deserved remixes, orchestral arrangements....... Because I was moved by how beautiful the song was, and the context in which it played, I decided to make this remix. And so I sat down to FL 10 and finished this in about half an hour.

I was influenced by--
1) Grambi's sadness upon losing Luvbi.
2) My own sadness upon finding out about how my father and some of my friends had lost their faiths.
3) The awe and wonder I had whenever I thought of Heaven.
4) The longing to come home and put everything back the way it once was, or perhaps better.
5) Meeting Him face-to-face.

I'm sorry, I'm about to cry.....

The Overthere Shrine theme plays in Chapter 7-4 of Super Paper Mario, from the second visit onwards, if you're curious to know where this theme comes from.


from Paraphrase on Video Game Themes, released June 9, 2012




Troisnyx England, UK

"Hey everyone, Troisnyx here!"

Singer-songwriter and video game soundtrack scorer. Troisnyx would like the music to take you to the depths of the human soul. Come, listen and fly away.

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